Hi All Members, As you may or may not know, earlier this year DiamondTask was for sale and I (William Clements, Admin) had bought this GPT Site to re-launch it as the new owner. However, due to the fact, there is a lot of cleaning up on the member database that would need to be done, we have decided to not re-launch and to instead shut down this GPT Site. However, I am the original and only owner of my own GPT Site since the launch of 1/1/2012 called Peoples GPT and we are 100% debt free and all members are paid up and usually within 24 - 48 hours manually or sooner if possible. We will work on shutting down and forwarding domain name is my GPT Site starting the first week of January. Feel free to join for free over at my GPT site or work on offers over there for those whom already have an account and make money there at http://peoplesgpt.com. See you there!